Jack Russell Shedding

 If you’re looking for a dog that is athletic, keenly intelligent and very energetic, you can’t go wrong with a Jack Russell Terrier. However, what most people are not aware of is the Jack Russell shedding traits that bring him back up for adoption more times than not. Potential owners should be very aware that the Jack Russell sheds a great deal it’s not just a seasonal occurrence. In fact, it’s often said that the shorter haired the dog, the more it will shed. Instead, if your Jack Russell is an indoor dog, you’re going to find those little wiry white or gray hairs all over the place, on your clothes, on your furniture and in your carpeting. 

When to Brush 

What can you do about Jack Russell shedding? First of all, don’t be deceived by his smooth coat. It will shed! Secondly, plan on giving him a good brushing at least once a month, but as often as once a week, to remove the dead follicles and reduce the amount of loose hairs he has to lose. While you want to keep your dog clean, warm baths with no shampoo can suffice most of the time. Constant harsh shampooing can cause Jack Russell shedding to increase due to the irritation to the skin and constant scratching. Unless your dog has an odor and depending on his outdoor activities, he should only have to be bathed with shampoo once a month at the most. Many owners find they can go up to three months between bathings. 

Using a Brush 

When you do your once a month brushing, plan on using a bristle brush or a mitt that is specially made for Jack Russell shedding as well as other dogs prone to heavy shedding. Take your pooch outside for his monthly brush and this should help remove the big clumps of hair. You may also want to purchase a stripping comb to help remove the dead hair that accumulates. 

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Expect your Jack Russell to shed a bit more in the spring than the rest of the year. The hair gets a tad bit shaggy during this time and all you can do is increase your brushings to once every day or two until the hair thins out naturally. One tip that helps a lot of Jack Russell terrier owners with the Jack Russell shedding issue is using a “Swifter” cloth to remove the hair. These static electricity cloths are great for pulling loose hair off the dog and furniture. But a word of caution; JRT’s love to play with clothes, so keep it in hand so that your pooch doesn’t end up stealing it from you.

Jack Russell shedding gets a lot of press and quite honestly, a bad reputation. This comes from the fact that many people buy into a Jack Russell not knowing ahead of time what to expect. But, if you’re consistent with your brushings outside the house and vacuum at least once a week, you shouldn’t have a large problem with Jack Russell shedding.

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