Jack Russell Biting Problems

Jack Russells are not generally known as a biting dog.  However, they are bred as hunters, and as such are very aggressive towards other living objects.  First time owners have wondered how to stop their Jack Russell biting porblems.  Puppies like to playfully tug at something with its owner, and if left unabated this can lead to nipping and growling at a later age which can be very dangerous to those around the dog.  This behavior must be taken care of as soon as possible.

Stopping Your Jack Russell Biting Problems At an Early Age

The best time to stop your Jack Russell biting problems is before the dog reaches six months.  Notice when this biting takes place and put an end to it.  Puppies at this age, while being “cute”, are trying to establish their position of domination in the family structure.  If this is not corrected it will lead to serious problems when the dog grows older.  You must show that you are in charge and this is accomplished easier when they are young.  The easiest and best time to correct Jack Russell biting probleems is at this age.

There are a numerous theories on how to stop your Jack Russell from biting.  Many of these replicate the way the puppy would be treated by its siblings and mother.  Such as a tug on the neck, or a whining cry when nicked.  Some advocate the replacement theory where, instead of handing the dog your hand you give him another object.  All of these are good to stop your Jack Russell  biting problems, but don’t forget that if these methods and everything else fails you should go to an obedience school or even hire a trainer.

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Stopping Your Jack Russell Biting Problems at One Year

Remember earlier we discussed how the Jack Russell puppies will try to establish themselves as head of the household at a very young age.  If left uncorrected they will continue to “play” bite even after one year and this can be a serious problem.  You should stop playing physical games such as “tug-of-war”.

In addition, you must establish yourself as the dominant person in the family, and one of the ways of doing this is to limit the area in the house that the dog can run around.  Cages are very effective in setting boundaries and showing them you are the boss.

Stopping Your Jack Russell Biting Problems as an Adult

If you haven’t stopped your Jack Russell biting problems after one year this is potentially a huge problem.  At any point the dog could attack its owner because they see themselves as the dominant leader in the household.  More importantly, the dog should not be allowed around strangers because they could very likely attack a stranger and do serious bodily harm.

The only viable solution at this point is to get professional help.  Either an obedience school or a trainer.

In conclusion, the very best time to stop your Jack Russell biting problems  is in the puppy stage.  If done properly the dog probably will not bite unless it has a medical or mental disorder.

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