What To Expect From Jack Russell Aggression

Jack Russell dogs have wonderful attributes. They’re kind and gentle, get along well with most children and are especially intelligent. However, Jack Russell aggression is well known, documented and should be addressed before it becomes a problem. The actual problem stems back to the mentality of the dog as a whole.

Where Jack Russell Aggression Comes From

As we all know, dogs are pack animals. Dogs are used to the hierarchy system of alpha or dominant beings and those who are submissive. If it’s not proven to a Jack Russell where he falls in the chain of command, he will assume he’s the alpha dog, regardless of his small stature.

The Jack Russell aggression can be seen as a huge dog packed into a small pint sized body. The Jack Russell is often times afraid of nothing, regardless of how mismatched the size difference may be. This aggression can be shown to either other dogs or to humans, even the owners.

Jack Russell Aggression With Other Dogs

With regard to Jack Russell aggression to other dogs, it’s recommended that Jack Russells not be left alone with other terriers because of this aggression. There have been many known cases of Jack Russells hurting or killing other terriers, even puppies, in their continual effort to be the one and only alpha dog.

Because Jack Russell terriers were originally bred to be hunting dogs, it’s in their nature to hunt out other animals. Their energy, intelligence and speed aid in this aspect. However, if your home has other pets, like cats, Guinea pigs and gerbils, this can be a problem. It is not unusual for a Jack Russell to hunt, hurt and even kill those animals. 

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How Jack Russell Aggression Manifest Itself

It is good to note some of the signs of Jack Russell aggression and how it manifests it’s self. Signs of the aggression that stems from the dominance desire of the dog include trying to enter a room before the owner instead of waiting for the owner to enter first.

He may snap at the owner if he comes close to his dog food dish, favorite toy or if the owner is in his favorite furniture spot. He may bark at the owner for continual attention or paw at you for being in “his” spot.

These behaviors would not exist if he knew his order in the household. It’s imperative that he be taught obedience from the very beginning. If the problem has reached the point of biting, it may be necessary to bring in a professional to help train the dog correctly.

Enjoy Your Jack Russell

The Jack Russell dog can be a wonderful dog to own and play with, when he’s trained appropriately. The Jack Russell aggression can be reduced with care, persistence and routine. So, while they’re cute and fun to play with, it should be kept in mind that Jack Russell dogs do not adapt well in city or apartment dwellings. As a rule, they are not good animals for senior citizens and they do require a great deal of attention and exercise by their owners. They also are better suited as only dogs as opposed to one of several.

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